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Shuttle PCM31

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Shuttle PCM31 COM Kit

Quick Overview

The Shuttle Accessory PCM31 provides three additional COM ports to the front panel of the Shuttle Slim-PC Barebone XH310(R). However, using PCM31 means that no optical drive can be used.

  • Scope of delivery
    – Triple COM port adapter board (1x)
    – Appropriate front panel cover (1x)
    – Screws (2x)
    – Quick Installation Guide
  • Compatibility
    Compatible with the Shuttle Slim-PC Barebones XH310 and XH310R (not with XH310V and XH310RV).
  • Note:
    Because the upper bay of the Shuttle Slim-PC Barebone XH310(R) is occupied by the Shuttle Accessory PCM31, an optical drive can no longer be used.
Total cost Quantity

£35.00 inc VAT

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