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Shuttle WWN03
  • Contents:
    – Daughterboard LN006 with USB cable
    – Fastening screw for M.2/LTE card (two-parts: bolt with screw)
    – 3x screw to install LN006 in a 2.5″ bay
    – 2x LTE/4G antennas
    – 2x antenna cables with toothed lock washer and screw nut
    – Quick installation guide
  • Adapter card:
    – USB connector to connect to the mainboard
    – M.2 socket supports one LTE/4G module M.2-3042 Key B
    – supports one SIM card in Nano format
  • Two external antennas:
    LTE/4G dipole omnidirectional antenna
    Multi-band: supports EU frequency bands (800, 1800, 2600 MHz) for GSM/UMTS/LTE and the following frequency ranges: 704~960, 1428~1575, 1720~2170, 2400~2690 MHz
    Colour: black
    Length overall: 135.7 mm
    Dimensions of the antenna body: 114.8 mm x 20.1 mm
    Impedance: 50 Ohm
    Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR): <= 3.0
    Radiation: Omni
    Gain: 2 dBi
    Polarisation: vertical
    Connector: SMA
  • Two antenna cables:
    RF cable lengths: 20 cm
    1) SMA Pigtail female
    2) I-PEX MHF 4
  • Compatibility:
    The WWN03 can be used for
    – Shuttle XPC slim DS10U, DS10U3, DS10U5, DS10U7
    Note that two more components are required for operation:
    – LTE/4G module M.2-3042 Key B
    – SIM card in Nano format
    Successfully tested LTE/4G modules with USB interface:
    – Sierra EM7455 (CAT 6, for Europa and North America)
    – Sierra EM7430 (CAT 6, for APAC)
    – Huawei ME906S (CAT 4, for EMEA, Australia, New Zealand)
    – Quectel EM06-E (CAT 6, for EMEA, Australia, Brazil)
    WWN03 is not compatible to LTE cards with PCIe interface e.g.:
    – Fibocom L850-GL-00 LTE module

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Shuttle WWN03 LTE/4G Expansion kit

Quick Overview

Expansion kit for DS10U to install a LTE/4G card
The Shuttle XPC accessory WWN03 allows the Shuttle XPC slim Barebone DS10U to be upgraded with an LTE/4G function for mobile network. The LTE card will occupy the 2.5″ bay, so you have to use an M.2 SSD as mass storage device. The required LTE/4G card in M.2-3042 format and an activated Nano SIM card is not included in the scope of delivery. The existing WLAN function of DS10U can still be used then.

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£45.00 inc VAT

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