What is a digital signage PC?

Digital signage takes signage to the modern era. Digital signs harness the power of modern technologies to display content such as digital images, video, streaming media, and information. Digital signage can be found in places like stations, airports, museums, stadiums, retail shops hotels, restaurants, and offices etc, to provide wayfinding, exhibitions, marketing & outdoor advertising.

What is a digital signage PC? Some of the qualities are listed below

  1. PC small enough to fit in the installation. These PCs are often hidden behind screens, or above ceiling.
  2. Reliable enough to be on all day. These P\C are usually on all day, some 24-7
  3. Robust enough to work in scenarios quite different to sitting on an office desk
  4. Connectivity- Have the correct ports suitable for connecting peripheral. These can include rarely found connections like serial ports and often multiple video outputs.

Shuttle PCs are perfect for Digital signage

Digital advertising areas, information screens and electronic signs are now an integral part of everyday life. Shuttle produces the right player for every situation. . They can run on various operating systems.  These mini-PCs are equipped with robust design. They range from ultra-high-performance models and machines with innumerable ports and connections to low-energy, continuously running fanless devices. High strength steel and a broad temperature spectrum enable installation even in tough environments.

A perfect example of a more basic Shuttle digital signage PC is the DL20N

DL20N. DL20N