Shuttle XS36V4 mini PC

Shuttle XS36V4

The Shuttle XS36V4 is a ultra Slim quiet PC. The shuttle XS36V4 uses a thermal module with cooled heat pipes which transmits all heat outwards. The shuttle XS36V4 uses a thermal module with cooled heat pipes which transmits all heat outwards. Built for 24/7 usage, it only takes 40 Watts of power consumption making it a energy efficient PC. The system is  robust but elegant   looking , it can be Vesa mounted back Monitors for a uncluttered working area.

The shuttle xs36v4 features an  Intel Celeron J1900 Quad Core processor. This is substantially more powerful than the previous model which was built around a dual core atom processor. The quad core processor, coupled to the Intel HD graphics, allow the shuttle xs36v4 to run  Digital Signage and vertical Applications such as KIOSK, POS etc. The shuttle XS36V4 allows features inbuilt com ports enabling you to connect to  barcode scanners, receipt printers, keypads etc, making it ideal as a commercial PC.
The shuttle xs36v4  has Fanless Technology, and therefore there is no chance of fans failing or getting  clogged up with dust, also the Shuttle XS36V4 has the Potential to be completely silent if you use  an SSD Hard Drive.
Shuttle XS36V4 has Robust connectivity with HDMI, Display Port & VGA, supporting Dual Display. It is capable running Multiple HD Format Video with its Intel HD Graphics On-board. Takes up to 8Gb of RAM and takes 1x 2.5″ Bay for Hard Disk. XS36V4 has SD Card reader with 4 USB Ports one of which is USB 3.0. Onboard Gigabit Lan and 802.11b/g/n WLAN support. 
In conclusion, the shuttle xs36v4 offers a reliable and flexible commercial PC, which can be used in a  variety of situations.

This XS36V4 is now discontinued, for a current similar PC, please see the Shuttle DL20N