Shuttle X50V4 , a commercial all in one PC for kiosks, digital signage, Epos.

The Shuttle X50v4 is the latest in the line of shuttle’s highly successful commercial All on one PC range. Following on from the X50V3, the Shuttle X50v4 features a number of improvements, whilst maintain the same sleek form factor.

  • The processor is now a more powerful and highly energy efficient Celeron 2957U processor, a signifant upgrade over the V3’s Atom processor.
  • The Shuttle X50v4 is now compliant with the IP54 standard, meaning it is dust and splash proof. This is idea for a commercial environment.
  • The  Shuttle X50v4 supports a total od 3 displays, the Internal display, and 2 external displays. It features HDMI and VGA outputs for external displays.

In addition the Shuttle X50v4 includes build in gigabit lan, wifi, card reader, webcam and speakers. It can be mounted on a desktop, or vesa mounted on a wall.

However the trump feature is that  the system  is totally fanless . Opt for a Solid state drive and you have a totally silent PC, and no worries of fan failure, and the added dust fans collect overtime. Again this makes the Shuttle X50v4 a perfect commercial PC. Weather its digital signage, epos, kiosk integration , or simply as an office PC, the Shuttle X50v4 is a perfect solution.


This Shuttle is now discontinued, the replacement is the X50V8. Click here to see the new model