Shuttle DS437

The Shuttle DS437  is a new mini pc for digital signage from expert mini PC manufactures Shuttle. The Shuttle DS437 is the successor to the Shuttle DS47, and features an updated dual core Celeron processor. The result of using the new Celeron 1037U processors is substantially better graphics capabilities than previous DS47. The system can even handle full HD 1080p video playback .It offers unrivalled connectivity for its compact dimensions, including  HDMI, DVI, 2x gigabit Ethernet ports,6 USB ports (2 are USB 3.0), and even 2x RS232. Internally it also offers 2x Mini PCIe slots, one of which is occupied by the included wireless lan module. The empty one can be used for internal msata solid state drives, thus by using an msata SSSD and a standard 2.5″ drive the system can take 2 hard drives. A vesa mount is included allowing it to be mounted on the back of a compatible monitor/screen.   The built quality is superb, and the metal casing makes the system feels substantial, and more like an industrial PC. Indeed Shuttle certified it for 24-7 operation when a 24-7 hard drive is installed. The designed is a result of year of small form factor PC design experience. Cooling is handled by Heat pipe cooling technology to ensure the system runs cool.  Vents are position in a manner which allows continuous air flow between the internal system and the environment.  A cool system is a stable system, and noise is also kept to a minimum by not involving any active cooling, i.e. the system is entirely fanless. If an SSD is installed the system is totally solid state and thus silent.  The system has a great deal of flexibility in that it can run. Ram can be anywhere from 2Gb, up to a maximum of 16gb. As a digital signage platform the DS437 excels. Its rugged, vesa mountable, has excellent connectivity, and reliable with the huge added benefit of passively cooling. The Shuttle DS437 is also extremely energy efficient, consuming only 11w in idle mode, and 33w under full load.  For the ultimate in Digital signage, try the shuttle D437 .

This model is discontinued, a current similar mode is the DL20Nv2, please click here for more details