Shuttle Digital Signage players

Digital signage is everywhere. Whether it’s on a roadside, in a  restaurant, hotel, shopping centre, or even in a doctors surgery, there is no better way of getting your message across. Although specific media players exist, using a PC allows a far greater degree of flexibility and customization. Shuttle have been the pioneer of the mini pc over the last 15 years so who better than to them to design the ultimate digital signage PC.

What are shuttle digital signage players ?

Basically they are standard PCs capable of running windows and other PC operating systems, but are small in size, generous in connectivity, and designed for a commercial environment.

Shuttle have launched a number of mini pcs for use as digital signage player. These shuttle digital signage players are great mini PCs in their own right, and can be used as such. But they really excel as highly customizable and powerful digital signage players. The range covers all in one PCs (PC built into the monitor), entry level units like the shuttle ds437 & the shuttle xs36v34  .Both these units are entirely passively cooled, so there is no possibility  fan failure. Higher end models include the range topping shuttle DS81. This unit is even capable of 4k video playback. They offer unrivalled connectivity, rugged metal casing, vesa mounts included, and a fully customizable specification.

Shuttle DS81
The Shuttle DS81 Digital Signage PC

Triple display solutions

Shuttle have launched new models which allow 3 displays to be supported simultaneously. The Shuttle DS87 & Shuttle  XH97v