Pcs for digital signage

Digital Signage is everywhere. Weather you’re in train stations, airports, fast food restaurants, shopping malls, office environments, or medial practices to name a few,  you are surrounding by screens providing vital information. Digital signage has revolutionized and simplified the process of getting your message out there.

Some important features of a good Digital signage include

  • Robust build quality- Commercial build quality that wont get damaged easily.
  • Connectivity- Generous connectivity capable of handling different screen outputs , wifi and wired networks.
  • Reliable for during all day Many of our PCs are 24-7 certified
  • Compact size- Capable of being easily accommodated, many of our systems can be mounted on the back of a monitor.
  • Multi display output- all our PCs provide dual output, some offer triple display, and some even support 6 outputs.
  • High quality video- some units can output in glorious 4k.
  • Turn on after power is restored incase of power loss- all of our shuttle PCs have this option.

See our Digital signage range

A great example is the Shuttle DH410


The shuttle DH410 features the Intel H410 chipset & supports Intel core processors. These are full desktop processors as opposed to lower specification mobile processors, resulting in superior processioning than a typical mini PCs Is the perfect commercial PC with a robust metal chassis, huge connectivity, reliability, and scalable specification depending on your needs. The Shuttle DH410 is a prefect choice for digital signage and a variety of commercial applications. applications.