Shuttle NC02U

Shuttle have release a brand new mini Pc, the Shuttle NC02U . It ia an ultra Small Form Factor unit built around the latest Skylake-U platform technology. The chasis is simple yet stylish, the space saving design allows the Shuttle NC02U to attach directly to a monitor with a standard VESA mount,freeing up space so vital in many commercial situations.

Shuttle NC02U can be custom configured to requirement. As well as supported an M.2 SSD, a standard 2.5″ drive can be installed. Ram can be installed up to 32gb. Windows 7 and 10 are supported.The ultra-small form factor design makes it perfect for commercial applications where space is limited such as digital signage, kiosks, POS, and the SOHO and SMB markets.

The Shuttle NC02U  has a silent smart fan, which means ir runs very quietly. This makes it suitable for installation where a noisy unit would cause a problem. Connectivity is key in a commercial Pc, and the Shuttle NC02U scores highly here. It has  multiple I/O ports — HDMI, full DisplayPort, RS232, USB Type C, and Gigabit LAN.
shuttle nc02u
The Shuttle NC02U