Why buy a Mini PCs?

Why buy a mini PC?

Mini PCs pack plenty of power in an easy to manage compact package

Mini PCs are coming of age. At one time there was very little in the way of choice, what was available was often noisy, hot running, and generally a poor alternative to a desktop. But things have changed, the mini pc has come of age. Thanks to continuously refined designs, better cooling technology, and more energy efficient (and cooler) modern processors, the mini PCs is no longer second choice to a desktop. Rather in many instances it is actually a superior choice, providing ample computing power in a small neat package. Many even can be mounted to the back of a monitor, and come with the relevant brackets eg Gigabyte Brix GB-BR13-10110 .

Mini PCs provide a full desktop experience as the user uses a normal keyboard, mouse and monitor, but doesn’t  have the inconvenience of a huge tower taking up desk or floor space.  For long term use they are much more comfortable than a laptop, and although not as portable, they can still easily be moved around from place to place, as nearly all mini Pcs support video & audio  output through the common HDMI standard, they can easily be plugged into a modern TV or monitor at a different site. They also offer better connectivity than most laptops, for example the  shuttle DH610 has multiple  USB ports, as well as dual 2.5gb  lan ports, and even legacy serial ports for commercial applications.


dh610 reardh610


Modern mini PCs offer a good amount of computing power, and most will happily run anything you throw at them. We even have mini PCs with upto core I 7 quad core processors ang high end dedicated graphics  such as the ZOTAC MAGNUS EN173080C . This system features a high end Geforce RTX 3080. However if you prefer a dedicated graphics card shuttle cube PCs are a little larger, but allow a standard desktop graphics card to be used. This means a powerful workstation or gaming PC can be configured in a small compact box. An example is the shuttle SH570r8 seen below. It is capable of taking a full size powerful desktop graphics card