Mini PCs with onboard dedicated graphics

PCs are getting smaller and smaller, but what if you need a dedicated video card, like an NVidia GeForce card but still need the PC to be small.


We offer a number Mini PCs that can take a full size dedicated graphics card or Mini PCs with onboard dedicated graphics built in.

Maybe you need multi display capabilities,3D rendering power, gaming potential. Whatever the reason there are PCs that can do the job.

Please see some example of our mini PCs with dedicated graphics

We offer  shuttle pcs with dedicated full size graphics cards, such as the Shuttle SH570R8. This amazing little Pc has the capability to run a combination of a high end CPU and high end dedicated graphics card.

The Shuttle XH510G2 is compact PC that can take a dual slot graphics card, and even a full desktop processor up to core i 9.