Mini PCs that can take a full size dedicated graphics cards

PCs are getting smaller and smaller, but what if you need a full size graphics card in your mini PC? What’s a good reliable compact mini PC that can handle a desktop graphics card?

Mini PCs that can take a full size dedicated graphics card.

Maybe you need multi display capabilities,3D rendering power, gaming potential. Whatever the reason there are PCs that can do the job.

Shuttle are pioneers in mini PCs and some of their latest models are designed to handle even powerful desktop cards with ease.

With high end custom power supplies, and a chassis designed for effective cooling, some of the latest models can run even high end cards such as some of the Geforce RTX range.

We offer  shuttle pcs with dedicated full size graphics cards, such as the Shuttle SH570R8. This amazing little Pc has the capability to run a combination of a high end CPU and high end dedicated graphics card.



As the shuttle uses desktop components (not laptop), performance will be the same as an equivalently specified tower PC, so you really can have a powerful mini PC.

Any even more compact option is the new Shuttle Xh510G2. Its compact dimensions can accommodate a single slot graphics card and even a desktop cpu (not mobile like a laptop


Shuttle XPC Slim XH510G2 : un LGA1200 pour un PC de 4.7 litres