Mini PCs, Shuttle PCs, Gigabyte Brix, Zotac Zbox

Ambros have been established since 1996, which is a long time in the computer industry! We started out selling computer components in computer fairs, in the days where selling online was very rare. In the last 8 years we have specialized in small form factor PCs, and are resellers for Shuttle, Gigabyte, and Zotac. As a company Ambros are completely dedicated to your total satisfaction.We realize a customer (or company) who gets good service, will buy again and again, and recommend us.We promtly answer email enquires, and are happy to offer presale advise by email or phone. In office hours you can also use the chat facility on our website.If you prefer not to order online, we can take your order on the phone too. If your are unsure of the PC that suits your needs we are happy to help find you the perfect system. We can also advise on PCs used for commercial applications.