Intel D34010WYK NUC Haswell Core i 3 System

Intel have updated their NUC mini PCs range with the release of the Intel D34010WYK NUC Haswell Core i 3 System. This powerful mini PC is based on the latest 4th generation Intel core I 3 haswell processor. Compared to its predecessor the new processor brings improved energy efficiency, and more importantly to many users, a marked improvement in graphics performance. The onboard graphics are now the highly rated (for onboard video) Intel HD 4400 chipset. This graphics chipset coupled to the core I 3 processor makes the PC a decent performer, and it can easily handle everyday office tasks, and HD video playback. Light 3D gaming is even possible, although it will struggle with the latest high end titles. The  Intel D34010WYK NUC Haswell Core i 3 System also offers generous connectivity, with mini Display port, & mini HDMI video outputs, and 4 USB ports 2 of which are USB 3.0. Using relevant adaptors, the graphics output can be adapted to support all common standards, DP, HDMI, DVI, and even VGA. The graphics support dual display making it great for connecting 2 monitors simultaneously. Memory options vary from 2GB upto 16gb, and hard drives must be msata solid state. At Ambros we can build the system to the specification you require, just browse our configuration page to spec up your ideal system.

D34010wyk front
Intel D34010WYK NUC Core i3 Haswell fully assembled PC