What is GDPR?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and is intended to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the European Union. Its primary aim is to give control back to the EU residents over their personal data. As a customer of Ambros GDPR gives you new protection rights and assures better access to your personal data.

Right to rectification: Rectify your personal information at any time from your account settings. You can also contact us directly to edit or rectify your information.
Right to be forgotten: You can ask us to cancel your Ambros account at any point of time or close your account. You can also send us request to erase all your data which will be completed within 30 days period.
Right to portability: Upon request we will export all your data and give it to you for transfer to any third party or competitor.

Right to object: We don’t send monthly newsletters.

Right to access: We are transparent about the data we collect and what we do with it. As part of the business activity of digital products and services Ambros is required to process personal data belonging to its customers/user/prospects. Here is what we store into our database and here is what we never store as well:

Personal Data: We only store personal data for those who purchase from us or who ask for installation quotes. These details will be deleted upon request.

Processing of personal data:
We do not send newsletters to your email address.
We do not sell any of your data to any third party vendors.

With GDPR compliance you can also ask us to remove your data.

Card Details: Credit card or other sensitive information is not at all stored with us and is handled directly with SecureTrading Payment gateway ( and PayPal payment gateway ( which are used worldwide by prominent merchants across the globe. Cookie: a cookie is information placed on an internet user’s hard disk by the server of a website he/she has visited. It contains several pieces of data: the name of the server that placed it there, an identifier with a unique number and possibly an expiry date. This information is sometimes stored on the computer as a simple text file which a server can access to read and save information.

Please read our cookie policy HERE Personal data provided by the user may only be disclosed to a third party in the following instances: with the user’s authorization and confirmation that the owner of this personal data has personally authorized its disclosure; at the request of legally competent authorities, upon presentation of a court order or within the context of a legal dispute.


Ambros has taken all necessary precautions to safeguard personal data and, in particular, to prevent it from being misrepresented, damaged or accessed by an unauthorized third party. These measures include the following:

  • PC firewalls
  • Anti-virus with a proven reputation for detecting attempted intrusions
  • Encrypted data transmission using SSL/HTTPS/VPN technology
  • Persons from The Barrier People’s recipient departments wishing to access the data must be authenticated using an individual access code and password that are sufficiently robust and changed regularly.

Data processed via non-secure communication channels is subject to technical measures rendering it incomprehensible to any unauthorized person. Any questions about the security of our website can be addressed to Amendments to the Confidentiality Policy The Ambros reserves the right to amend this Confidentiality Policy to comply with any changes to the laws and regulations in force. Any amendments will be communicated via our website or by email, as far as possible, at least thirty days before they come into force.