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Shuttle XC60J

Intel® Apollo Lake Platform Technology


The all-new shuttle XC60J supports Intel® Apollo lake platform technology, equipped with 14 nm Intel® Celeron® J3355 dual-core processor. Support 1.35V DDR3L low-voltage memory with a maximum capacity up to 8GB, able to reduce thermal energy production and overall energy consumption.

Support up to 8 COM ports

xc60j com ports

The shuttle XC60J features 7x RS232 and 1x  RS232/RS422/RS485 ports which support 0V/5V/12V as well as four USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 ports. Connect to barcode scanners, receipt printers, keypads, and other peripherals. The shuttle XC60J is easily configured into peripheral-heavy POS, Kiosk, and Digital Signage systems.

Support HEVC/H.265 high-definition video playback

video decoding

The Intel® Apollo Lake processor is built-in HEVC/H.265 and VP9 video decoding. The XC60J can decode the video with the latest generation codecs and reduce CPU utilization with lower power consumption.

Operable in 0-40 ⁰C

Industrial Solid Capacitors = High Stability

The shuttle XC60J is suitable for 0 ~ 40 ℃ working environment to meet the environmental operation demands of commercial applications.
*With use of SSD and Wide Range Temp. SODIMM

High-speed data transmission interface

sata 6 usb 3

With Intel® Apollo Lake platform technology, the XC60J features native SATA 6Gbps and USB 3.0 high-speed storage interfaces. A USB 3.0 port which supports up to 5 Gbps and provides 10 times greater data access speed than a USB 2.0 port.

VESA Mount-Ready


The shuttle XC60J is VESA mount compliant and allows for versatile integration into hardware systems. This space saving capability is well-suited for digital signage applications with limited space.

Support Power on by RTC

rtc power on

By entering BIOS to set up the Power on by RTC, XC60J allows user to set a time to boot up the system, which can also be turned on and off with the Windows task scheduler. This feature will benefit on the electricity and energy saving as well as the elimination the cost of on-site service

Operating System support

-Windows 10 64bit

Fanless Design

xc60j fanless

The XC60J uses a thermal module with cooled heat pipe and sink to transmit heat throughout the system quickly and evenly. The unique fanless design reduces the power consumption required by a fan as well as the cost of replacing fans. Use with solid-state disks and create an operational platform completely free of noise.

Support 4K Ultra HD


The XC60J is support 4K high resolution (3840×2160@30Hz) via HDMI video output. Now with four times the resolution of Full HD, viewers can enjoy the super detailed and crystal clear imaging of 4K.

Support Dual Displays

dual display

Display imaging on up to two screens via HDMI and D-sub video outputs. Use an adaptor to convert HDMI into DVI interface for diversified signal selection.

Built-in two M.2 expansion slots


The XC60J is built-in one M.2 2280 with type M and one M.2 2230 type A/E slots to install M.2 SSD and a WiFi card or other compatible devices, proving a strong expansion capacity.

Support Intel® Gigabit LAN

gigabit lan

The XC60J has built-in Intel® i211 Gigabit LAN and supports Wake On LAN to provide high-speed data transfer capability as well as a better compatibility for business network environment.

24/7 Nonstop Operation


The XC60J is officially approved for 24/7 permanent operation. Thanks to Shuttle’s low-power consumption design and provide a stable operating environment, this PC runs highly reliable for long-term demands of digital signage or other vertical applications.

The Watchdog—protecting system security

watch dog

Watchdog Timer provides excellent security protection for systems that need to operate continuously for a long period of time. Use Shuttle’s Watch Dog utility to maintain normal operation and stability of the system at all times.


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Shuttle XC60J assembled PC system

Quick Overview

The new 3-litre  slim shuttle XC60J features robust performance with a totally fanless design, powered by the latest Intel® Apollo Lake SoC 14nm processor. This new model provides extremely generous peripheral connectivity via built-in 8 COM ports to power highly interactive Kiosk, vending machine, and POS applications. With integrated Intel® HD graphics, the shuttle XC60J can support 4K/Ultra HD video playback (30Hz) and deliver dual displays via HDMI and D-sub. The XC60J offers two USB 3.0, four USB 2.0, SATA 6Gbps, and built-in Intel® Gigabit LAN. Built-in M.2 2280 Type M and M.2 2230 type A expansion slots allow users to install SSDs, Wi-Fi modules, or other such devices to boost the capabilities of XC60J. It is 24/7 certified, operable 0-40 ⁰C environments, and VESA mountable, ideal for versatile applications.

Base specification (this is configurable using options)

  • Intel Celeron J3355 10W CPU
  • Memory 2Gb DDR3L
  • Hard Drive 500Gb
  • Onboard HDMI + VGA port dual display
  • Totally Passively cooled
  • Gigabit LAN port
  • 8 x com ports
  • 6x USB ports (2 are USB 3.0)
  • Dimensions: 238(L) x 200(W) x 72(H) mm
  • 1 year parts and labour warranty
  • Standard build/dispatch time within 5 working days, quicker options available.

Shuttle XC60J

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