A PC for commercial application, the Shuttle DH410

Desktop power, legendary build quality, the shuttle DH410

The DH410 runs 10th generation Intel LGA1200 Comet Lake 65W CPUs. These are full desktop cpus rather than mobile cpus most mini pcs use. With small robust design, this  small desktop provides up to 10 core of performance boost for effortless multitasking and smooth video playback. With built-in HDMI 2.0a and DisplayPort ports, you can configure dual 4K displays with ease. The DH410 also includes 8 USB ports and 2x com  ports for convenient, flexible peripheral options. The dimensions are tiny when you consider the power on offer, 43 mm in height, there’s still room for 2.5” hard drive as well as dual M.2 expansion cards and support for up to 64GB of DDR4 memory. The Shuttle DH410 is the perfect choice as a solid PC for digital signage, POS, kiosk, Office Desktop and many more.


the Dh410 is now discontinued, it has been replaced by the Shuttle Dh610. Please click to see the Shuttle  DH610